Customer support groupViva! Mobile presents, Viva! SMS which is a special programme for your business to join and that creates THE fastest way of gathering customers ever known to mankind.  Seriously, there has never been a quicker way of building a list of potential customers, which then turns them into repeat customers, instantly, it’s amazing and it WORKS!

Marketing Bugle, the business behind Viva! Mobile, have created an affordable solution for local businesses to profit from.

Martyn Brown, the Viva! Mobile Digital Marketing Consultant has run local magazines for Poole, Bournemouth and surrounding areas where, in each case, has experiemented with various marketing techniques and strategies, both online and off.

To this end, all of the most effective techniques have now been put together in a package that is super-powerful, affordable and a joy to watch.  You can see your customer list grow and then automatically have them buy from you as and when you want.
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